Private Client Partnership.

The Private Client Partnership is for business owners with a sincere ambition to at least double their sales and profits over the next 12 months by implementing the world’s most sophisticated and advanced Marketing - and work personally with Chris Cardell and his team managing their marketing operation.

Here's what’s included
The Private Client Partnership gives you.

Direct access to Chris Cardell as your personal Marketing Strategist, working personally with you to implement world class Marketing. Chris will effectively be your new Marketing Director. Private Clients are the only people who have this access to Chris for personal Consulting and Coaching.

Direct access to the Cardell Media Marketing team to have all the work done for you. Our 40 plus team will implement all of your key Marketing, from website design to Google Ads, Facebook advertising, Email campaigns, conversion rate optimisation etc plus offline Marketing where required, including sophisticated Direct Mail campaigns. (If you have your own internal team and want to do the implementation internally, we can also work together on a purely consulting basis.)

Private Client programme £4995 + VAT per month

Talk to our expert team. 0330 127 6311

How it works
These are the main areas we focus on.

Each Private Client relationship is bespoke, based on the specific needs of the business. We will agree the areas to focus, normally based on the categories below and then review every three months.

Chris will work with you to build a Marketing funnel that lets you dominate your market and bring you a constant flow of leads and customers. Each element will be tested and optimised until you have a predictable flow of customers at the level you require.

A core focus is ensuring that your website is a sophisticated conversion machine,
maximising 100% of the traffic you send to it.

If necessary we can build or rebuild your website.

The most important element of your website is continuous Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) We will work with you to increase conversion rates, solve conversion problems and where required, introduce split tests to increase conversions.

We will also ensure that you have a Mobile first website, maximising your mobile sales.

Our aim is a 50% to 100% increase in your conversion rates within 6 months

Chris and his team will personally manage your Google Ads account using the proven strategies that are most effective on Google, including Remarketing, In Market audiences, Custom Intent audiences and Youtube.

If you are already doing Google Ads, Chris will start with a personal review of your account. If you are not yet on Google, we will set up your campaigns ensuring the most effective results from day one.

Private Client is the only opportunity to have Chris and his team run your Facebook advertising for you.

We will manage your Facebook advertising, implementing world class best practice to make Facebook and Instagram a 24/7 source of new customers for you.

Facebook is one of your keys to a major breakthrough in the business. It’s almost impossible to have a highly successful online presence without cracking the Facebook code. But Facebook is complicated and changes weekly. Our world class team will give you access to Facebook’s powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities to bring you the largest amount of customers at lowest cost.

Our world class copywriting team can assist in producing your Email campaigns, from new buyer sequences to shopping cart abandonment campaigns.

Great Email Marketing is one of the fastest ways to increase profits in any business, at virtually no cost. It increases sales – but done properly it also plays a major part in increasing your Authority to your customers.

We will help you create and implement Direct Mail to your existing customers and for new customer acquisition. Where required, our world class copywriting team is available to assist with your copy. Well will also give you access to our printers and mailing house if required. Chris is one of the most successful Direct Mail Marketers in Britain and you will have access to his expertise so you can use Direct Mail to increase profits from existing customers and bring in large numbers of new customers.

Where required, we can assist in video production, including scripting by our copywriting team. We can produce you videos for use on your website, Youtube and Facebook/social media.

One of our biggest areas of success with Private Clients is enabling them to command Premium prices and charge what they deserve. Chris will work personally with you on your pricing structure. Expect just the work you do with Chris on Premium Pricing to easily cover your investment for being a Private Client.

Increasing your sales to existing customers has a dramatic impact on sales and profits – and provides the fuel to grow the new customer acquisition.

We will work with you to create a marketing plan for increasing your customer sales, fast. Our team is then available to assist you, from remarketing and Email marketing, to, if required, sophisticated Direct Mail.

As part of your Private Client relationship, Chris is available to advise on staffing, recruitment and management. A wrong decision on staffing can easily cost a business six figures. As the owner of your business, staffing can be a lonely business. But there are proven models for recruitment and management that make a big difference. As your marketing improves you are going to need a growing team. It’s essential that the growth of that team is handled effectively.

Private Clients are the only Cardell Media clients that have direct access to Chris Cardell. You will have regular strategy calls with Chris where you can discuss anything you choose – from online Marketing, offline Marketing, Pricing, staffing and management, to general business strategy and planning.

You should regard Chris as effectively your new Marketing Director, directing your strategy with you going forward.

Private Client programme £4995 + VAT per month

Talk to our expert team. 0330 127 6311


Meet Chris Cardell.

Chris Cardell is widely regarded as a Global authority on Marketing and Internet Marketing.
Over two decades, Chris Cardell has shown thousands of business owners how to grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, transform their Internet strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.
He shows business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet strategies. Every week, 330,000 Entrepreneurs receive Chris Cardell’s online support and advice.
He has been featured extensively in international media and is author of the best selling book ’77 Ways To Get More Customers.